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Body Shaping

  • Defines the waist
  • Creates toned, lean and strong arms
  • Slenderizes thighs and quads
  • Creates flat, defined abs
  • Improves posture
  • Lifts the butt
  • Targets and firms every muscle in the body

Health & Performance

  • Increases full body flexibility
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Unlocks tight muscles and joints
  • Strengthens the spine and core
  • Helps to treat and prevent back pain
  • Age-defying workout: creates a youthful feeling body
  • Improves agility and speed for sports
  • Supports injury prevention
  • Helps speed-up recovery time through increased blood flow

Join me on Sunday, September 11 from 2-4 PM at Sundance Studio to:

  • Discover the science behind the worldwide explosion of ESSENTRICS™ (and Classical Stretch on PBS) and how it exclusively rebalances your body
  • Ask questions about how to do the moves properly for the greatest effect
  • Learn how to keep yourself safe in a class–and when to move safely after an injury
  • Find out why world-class athletes report better performance after including ESSENTRICS™ in their weekly workout routine
  • Get in a great workout Sunday afternoon to jumpstart your week and your winter!Group Classes

$20 suggested donation with all proceeds going to local firefighters – sign up at Sundance Studio