Immune-Supporting Herbs

My last post included the Three Musketeers for immune function from a food point of view;  let's focus today on two herbs well known for immune support.  One you may be unfamiliar with is astragalus root (astragalus propinquus) which looks [...]

Service Berries

Service berries were something I knew nothing about, until moving to Steamboat Springs about 11 years ago.  Since my discovery, it's been an August goal to collect some to enjoy in a variety of ways. They look and taste a [...]

California Poppy – to relax and more

Greetings! I've been fascinated lately with using relaxation to strengthen through Essentrics, which also made me think about the many medicinal properties of this beautiful plant, California Poppy, aka Eschscholizia californica L.     In addition to helping us relax, [...]

Remember…Rosemary and her Many Benefits!

Summer is a great time to remind you about the many benefits of rosemary, botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis With Mediterranean origins, the woodsy-citrus-like fragrance of rosemary has added beauty to gardens, flavor to kitchens, and a great remedy in apothecaries [...]

Wise words from Cascade Anderson Gellar

I've recently come across some wise words from my mentor and friend, Cascade Anderson Gellar who passed way too soon...I miss her and treasure her many lessons at many herbal medicine conferences. "Nature knows ahead what sickness there will be. [...]

Springtime – All the Time?

When skis are off so is my helmet! Always fun for us to work on the same days. :) If you're still not sure about global warming, you should have been in Steamboat this winter. As my husband [...]

Fall Transitions

I love fall. My birthday is in the fall, Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday--is in the fall. I love the excessive beauty just before the frost, and end-of-season tomatoes allowed to ripen in a brown paper bag. Or cooked up as a [...]

Summer shifting into Fall

I love this time of year when the Reds come out just a little bit here in Colorado, and more so in Vermont where we are looking forward to visiting later this fall. This is part of what gives our [...]

First tomato of the season!

Here is my dear husband, Webb, who just plucked the season's first tomato! Not bad for a growing season of only 59 days. ;-). I think the reason we get lucky with tomatoes is our small garden is in between [...]

Spring Gifts from the garden

Look what I found under the melting snow of our garden! There were several and they are delicious. But only one had this cool visual to offer-The lemon just gives you a sense of size. ;)