Summer shifting into Fall

I love this time of year when the Reds come out just a little bit here in Colorado, and more so in Vermont where we are looking forward to visiting later this fall. This is part of what gives our [...]

First tomato of the season!

Here is my dear husband, Webb, who just plucked the season's first tomato! Not bad for a growing season of only 59 days. ;-). I think the reason we get lucky with tomatoes is our small garden is in between [...]

Never miss a chance…

I've had a very full summer and just recently returned from Montréal where I had another week of Essentrics training.  But when I realized my mom didn't have much going on for her birthday this past weekend, I decided I [...]

Spring Gifts from the garden

Look what I found under the melting snow of our garden! There were several and they are delicious. But only one had this cool visual to offer-The lemon just gives you a sense of size. ;)

First signs of spring

What a treat for me to see these first signs of spring appear in the mountains! Believe it or not, I'm not sick of ski season yet; in fact, I was bummed to miss a powder day yesterday since I [...]

When It’s Time To Let Go…of Life

As a non-fiction writer,  I have a great appreciation for those who write fiction.  It sounds overwhelmingly difficult to me!  While reading one of my favorite authors recently, Alice Hoffman, I came across a great paragraph which makes me think [...]

Keep Moving!

Moving too fast without proper warm-up got me in trouble yesterday; I had the mother of all back spasms that made my cry out in pain every minute or more regardless of whether I was moving or stationary.   First, [...]

December Daze

How do you feel at this point in December? Relieved? Exhausted? A bit depressed due to another New Year's Eve alone or with way too many "over-imbibed" people? Time for serious self-care. I have no complaints about spending the first [...]

Making do…40 Green Tomatoes

We had nearly 40 green tomatoes on one plant when the freeze was about to hit, so plucked them and stored them in the basement in brown paper bags to ripen.  It works well, although I must admit they aren't [...]

Herbal Cordial Recipe

Cordial in Process If you didn't receive my recent newsletter on the benefits of making and drinking herbal cordials, I hope you sign up soon here on my website. When I'm on top of things, you'll get your [...]