Essentrics for Athletes–as well as the rest of us!

This YouTube video is for all of you out there who are unaware of the power of Essentrics for athletes of all ages--in addition to those of us who just want a great workout that gives us flatter abs, leaner [...]

Santa Fe Escape – Essentrics plus Herbal Medicine Made Easy

Greetings! It's been a great winter here in Steamboat, but I'm now getting started on travel and education season which I love!  I'm most grateful to Sharon Blomgren with for asking me to be the facilitator of a new [...]


Computer issues, daughter getting married in Seattle in June, moving both house and office a few weeks ago--all add up to a long time with no blog or newsletter.  But no longer apologizing for things beyond my control is part [...]

Wise words from Cascade Anderson Gellar

I've recently come across some wise words from my mentor and friend, Cascade Anderson Gellar who passed way too soon...I miss her and treasure her many lessons at many herbal medicine conferences. "Nature knows ahead what sickness there will be. [...]


I leave tomorrow for my daughter's wedding in Seattle and it seems perfect (though to some, perfectly insane) that my husband and I are moving to a 'new to us' home a few weeks later. Having both of these transitions [...]

Springtime – All the Time?

When skis are off so is my helmet! Always fun for us to work on the same days. :) If you're still not sure about global warming, you should have been in Steamboat this winter. As my husband [...]

Making Wise Choices

I know very little about astrology, but in my experience over the last 20 years since I was introduced to the concept of Mercury being in Retrograde, I have noticed some validity to the standard advice on this issue: minimize [...]

Making Friends with Your Body

I've had many blessings in my life--none greater than learning to make friends with my own body--and it has taken decades of conscious effort!  This Q & A with my mentor and friend, Miranda Esmonde-White is excellent (as is her [...]

Fall Transitions

I love fall. My birthday is in the fall, Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday--is in the fall. I love the excessive beauty just before the frost, and end-of-season tomatoes allowed to ripen in a brown paper bag. Or cooked up as a [...]

New Health-E-Booklet Series

Photo by John F. Russell Herbalist and author Susan Mead already has published a book of health tips called "Take Back Your Body." Mead now is working on a series of a la carte health e-books for different ailments. The [...]