Pumpkin Blossom Fritters

These pumpkin blossom fritters are a delicious way to get a broad spectrum of nutrients into your diet (via a broad spectrum of colors in your fruits and vegetables) and are a great way to celebrate the last days of [...]

Essentrics Teacher Training in Montreal

Me in the middle with Miranda (founder) and Laurence (the tall one) Being in Montreal for 12 days of Essentrics training was a great adventure, exploring both the city and how my body responded to this intense, yet [...]

Yampatika and Elder Berry Tincture

One of the local organizations I am passionate about is Yampatika, a non-profit that promotes environmental education for adults and children. Not long ago, we had our biggest fundraiser, the Wild Edible Feast. One of my contributions was Elder Berry [...]

Lessons from India–The Taj Mahal

Essentrics Stretch atThe Taj Mahal in Agra My recent trip to India was filled with stories and lessons that all unfolded when I was "in the flow" instead of having the illusion I was in control.  It was [...]